Nurturing Parenting Program(NPP) intervention is a world-wide initiative with many curricula authors, individuals, agency, and state departments.

Nurturing Families™ program includes a Facilitator Manual and a Family Workbook (agency license option) for adults parenting children ages birth through 19. The program has been culturally translated for Spanish speaking families (Criando Familias). Families reach competencies through lessons that encourage and sustain attitudinal and behavioral change.


Nurturing Families™

for Families with Children of All Ages

Nurturing Families™ is an evidence based, trauma informed and nationally validated family systems intervention that focuses on:

  • Bonding & Attachment
  • Healthy Relationship Maintenance 
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Healing & Recovery 
  • Empathy & Self-Awareness
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Self-Identity & Self-Worth
  • Age Appropriate Expectations
  • Dignified Discipline Alternatives

The strength of NPP-Nurturing Families™ is based on 29 years of implementing and training alongside Dr. Stephen Bavolek. Families with children of all ages engage in both affective and cognitive leaning. Families reach competencies through lessons that encourage and sustain attitudinal and behavioral change. 


  • Facilitator Instructional Manual w/ Resources
  • Family Workbook with Learn and Share Infographics
  • Included are 16 competencies with many lessons.


  • This item is for you if you have already completed a NPP-Nurturing Families™ Facilitator Certification Training in the last 3 years from a recognized NPP-Nurturing Families Trainer/Consultant (E-mail if you are not sure).
  • Maintain fidelity implementation with all families served.
  • Attend the annual Nurturing Families™ Recertification Conference.

    All copyright privileges to both programs belong to  Praxis with Integrity Consulting PLLC, DBA Family Nurturing Center of Texas and the principal author Sonya Michelle Thorn, MSOL LCSW. Copyright infringement is not approved unless a temporary MOU has been written between parties.


    Criando Familias™

    con Hijos de Todas Edades

    ¡¡¡Nuevo lanzamiento completo !!!

    Criando Familias™ es una intervención de sistemas familiares basada en evidencia, informada sobre el trauma y validada a nivel nacional que se enfoca en:

    • Vinculación y apego
    • Mantenimiento de relaciones saludables
    • Regulación emocional
    • Curación y recuperación
    • Empatía y autoconciencia
    • Sentido de pertenencia
    • Autoidentidad y autoestima
    • Expectativas apropiadas para la edad
    • Alternativas de disciplina digna


    • Manual Instructivo de Facilitador con Recursos
    • Cuaderno de Familia con Infograficas para Aprender y Conpartir
    • Se incluyen 16 competencias con muchas lecciones.
    • Disponibles hoy. Comuníquese para mas información a


    • Se enviará un correo electrónico de notificación a todos los Afiliados de Nurturing Families Center con información sobre Criando Familias con Hijos de Todas Edades ™ . Todas las competencias estan disponibles.
    • Este artículo es para usted si ya ha completado una capacitación de Certificación de Facilitador de Nurturing Families ™ en los últimos 3 años de un entrenador de Nurturing Families Center reconocido (envíe un correo electrónico a si no está seguro).
    • Mantener la implementación de la fidelidad con todas las familias atendidas
    • Asista a la Conferencia Anual de Recertificación de Nurturing Families™

    LEER – Acuerdo de Facilitador de Nurturing Families™

    Todos los privilegios de derechos de autor pertenecen a Praxis con Integrity Consulting PLLC, DBA Family Nurturing Center of Texas y la autora principal Sonya Michelle Thorn, MSOL LCSW. La infracción de derechos de autor no se aprueba a menos que se haya escrito un memorando de entendimiento temporal entre las partes.


    WE DID IT!!!

    We are grateful for all you did as a state agency to believe in yourself and for your passion in regard to the mental wellness of Texas children and families. It was through your tireless effort, persistence, and dedication that we were able to complete Nurturing Families 2nd Edition.

    We listened to you from the inception of our partnership/contract in 2012 when you made your request and shared your needs for the families you serve. This is what you will find in the 2nd edition:

    • An implementation manual and a family workbook that covers lessons for families with children of all ages
    • Clear, concise, and easy to implement
    • Replaced many old, outdated and confusing parenting manuals
    • Parent and child relationship work in every competency
    • All the info you need to teach a topic/lesson, so you do not have to search the internet
    • Evidence-based and trauma informed
    • Up-to-date for diverse families of today
    • More on Mental Health and Substance Abuse
    • On-going implementation support
    • A checklist to ensure fidelity
    • In-house sustainability (Certified Organizational Trainer track)
    • On-going curriculum updates
    • Family focused to strengthen family relationships
    • Can be used with teens 12+ with or without their parents


    To show our appreciation we are giving you a $750 value for the Family Workbook Annual License for $300.00 per year.  An annual savings of $450 dollars.  The Family Workbook has unlimited copy privileges to all certified facilitators in your agency to share with families they serve.  We are humbled by your graciousness and support while allowing us to serve you trough this NPP initiative.