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2023 National Award Recipients:


2022 Nurturing Families Recertification Conference

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Nurturing Families Current Events


  1. Family First Prevention Services Clearinghouse evaluation phase
  2. Brought in 17 new partnering agencies
  3. Completed the culturally translated Criando Familias
  4. Completed our rebranding and restructuring for our updated Nurturing Families 2nd edition curriculum
  5. Nurturing Families Center is committed to continuing our 29 year history of providing excellence in training and consulting on the NPP intervention as we carry this initiative world-wide

Nurturing Families Facilitator Training – OKINAWA, JAPAN – September 28-30, 2021



“Sonya is one of the best trainers! She’s knowledgeable with the real experiences, compassionate for both parents and front-line workers, organized, flexible, open, motivating and funny! I liked the role play part where Sonya being the facilitator and us being the parents. Having the materials accessible online is great. Having the same structure (ex. check-ins) with the class, it helps to remember the importance.”

Ryoko M. – US Marine Corps

“Sonya was a phenomenal trainer.  She is very engaging and it is clear that she is both knowledgeable and passionate about the work she does.”

Shayna S. – US Marine Corps

“Sonya, you are truly talented and have a gift for providing authentic training and reigniting my spark of my love of educating families. I can only imagine how wonderful you are in person! Thank you!”

Jenny C. – US Marine Corps

“Sonya is very knowledgeable and shows passion with this program. I enjoyed the modeling of the lessons and the open questions and answers throughout the training.  I liked the peer participation.”

Kenya B. – US Marine Corps

“Sonya is an attentive and experienced trainer. Our questions and concerns were well addressed and answered. Very solid course and I can see how it can benefit different types of families. Will definitely recommend to others working in this profession. The training manual has clear and easy to follow instructions for facilitator.”

Zi-Wei K. – US Marine Corps

“Sonya is a very knowledgeable on the program and provides lots of background on the philosophy and intent of Nurturing Families.  I liked the good explanations of the program, requirements and fidelity.  There were lots of opportunities to practice the skills.”

Brook T. – US Marine Corps

Nurturing Families SPANISH Facilitator Training  – October 12-14, 2021



“I want to thank you, Mary for the time you spent with us these last three days. I love your voice and you have a precious grace to your delivery. For example, if I need to ask anything you make it easy to ask. I thank you for that beautiful spirit that you have to teach that you make people feel cared for and I am grateful. I am thankful for Sonya for putting forth all her experience and education behind the beautiful work that is Nurturing Families. I am grateful for my colleagues from my and other agencies that we got to share, practice and strategize our learning. Thank you for the grand and lovely job your do.”

Angelica A. – El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center – San Bernardino, CA



“The training and the learning was great! Many things were clear with this training that I can take with me to the field. I am grateful that this training was in Spanish, in our language and in the language of the families that we serve. Although we have received trainings in the past in English, For me it was great to be able to go through this in my language and I enjoyed it. Thank you very much.”

Monica A. – El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center – San Bernardino, CA



“It was a great exponent. Thank you, Mary, for facilitating this for us. My colleague stated, there is no better way than to go through this than in our language because this way we understand everything at 100%. In our language it leaves much enrichment. Personally, it was great meeting others from other agencies, like Diana.  It was a small amount of time spent with them, but this process allowed us to network our love for community. Thank you, Mary, for this training, we will take it to our families.  Thank you for the Manual and Family Workbook, IN SPANISH! It is going to be amazing.  You have provided us a gem and a toolbox for the families we serve.”

Julieta B – El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center – San Bernardino, CA



“I am also going to thank the part of this training being in Spanish and I will explain why.  I believe that I have not taken a professional certification training in many years.  I have taken almost all of them in English.  It is refreshing listening to this training in Spanish. FINALLY, a training in Spanish! That is why we are we are so appreciative because we always have to take the time to write everything out in Spanish.  Going through this process in Spanish was great.  I realize that I needed this practice, it’s Marvelous for us all.”

Raquel A. – El Sol Neighborhood Educational Center – San Bernardina, CA



“I would like to thank Sonya.  I was trained by her years back and I remember thinking “I cannot do this, I can never, I do not know why I am here” and Sonya opened the door to take the opportunity to take on this ability that I did not know I had.  I have done it and she has transmitted the passion that I have for this work and this curriculum.  I believe in it wholeheartedly. When I first was introduced to this nurturing world my son was 2 and he will be 12 in a few days.  Not only do I implement Nurturing Families as a professional but as a mom. I believe that this is the connection that I must be able to be a provider but as a human being. Also, Mary, ever since I met her is has been a great pleasure. At first it was communication online until I met her in Texas at a conference a few years back, where I finally met her in person. It has been a pleasure and I want to add that I have never felt that Sonya has every left her team behind. Sonya has always updated us on all her planes.  We are with her step by step.  She is always very welcoming with any of our opinions, modify and would as a team, which is the beauty of these community of nurturing that she is forming.  Sonya you are doing an excellent job, and I have shared with you many times, I admire your and Mary’s leadership.  Thank you for this training in Spanish.  As a trainer I train in Spanish but when I facilitate it is always with the Spanish speaking community.  Taking this Spanish training affirms the work that I am doing. I invite you to keep on implementing this program because with implementation is where the connection is made. ”

Mayra Gonzalez-Sanchez – Para Los Niños – Los Angeles, CA