Nurturing Families Center is dedicated to excellence in promoting nurturing in the helping professions. We are an international arm operating under PRAXIS with Integrity Consulting established to provide leadership training, consulting, and support to non-profit and state departments. Our approach is fun, informative, and effective in creating change of attitude and practice. Nurturing Families Center along with the Family Nurturing Center of Texas is the sole source provider of training, consulting, and sales of the Nurturing Families™ curriculum.

Founder and CEO, Sonya M. Thorn, MSOL LCSW, for the past 29 years has partnered with Dr. Stephen Bavoleck and Nurturing Parenting Program™. After coauthoring “Nurturing Families 5-19” with Dr. Bavolek and learning from the five state pilot sites, Sonya Thorn decided to focus on services from a family systems perspective. Using her years of both clinical and leadership expertise, she continues to partner with non-profit, county, state, and government entities to assess and evaluate systems of care.

Our methods and materials are designed to help individuals and agencies achieve a high level of competence and confidence necessary to meet current societal needs. The 2nd edition “Nurturing Families™” curriculum is for diverse families with children of all ages. We create customized training with post-training technical assistance. and fidelity implementation support. Our company embodies the true definition of “PRAXIS”. Praxis (or practice) takes truth from merely a conceptual idea to practical action and reflection. The act of engaging for the sake of self-discovery, application, realization and practicing ideas in everyday living while being lifelong learners.

“Do unto others as you would have others do unto others”
Jeree Pawl (1998)

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Our team of professionals come with diverse educations and backgrounds. We are here to serve your individual needs.                                                        

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Facitators, trainers, and agencies that successfully complete our three-day facilitator training and implement the Nurturing Families™ program to fidelity may request to be added to Family Nurturing Center of Texas affiliate list.

We are here to assist you in purchasing the most appropriate program to meet the families needs.                                                                                              

Our Research Division was formed to communicate historical and recent studies in nurturing parenting.